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My massage work is focused on deep listening and mindfulness in combination with skill and experience to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. I have experience working with folks of all ages, genders, health conditions, and abilities. The bodywork I give is strong, but I am also able to adjust the depth and pace for a truly personalized massage experience. I love to choreograph a session based on trouble spots or the body’s specific needs of the day. Whether you are pregnant, injured, in chronic pain or stress, recovering from surgery, coping with health conditions, or doing work that impacts your body, we can find a way: to re-create a sense of ease and embodiment; to unwind holding patterns that are no longer helpful; to slow down and bring the attention back to this moment in this body. I would like very much to work with you.


Massage sessions are available in varying amounts of time from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes. Please go to Schedule Online for details and call or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss what is right for you.


Prenatal and postpartum massage sessions are offered as office visits.


Per Session Prices

$85 for 45 minutes

$100 for 60 minutes

$115 for 75 minutes

$130 for 90 minutes


From Downtown Brattleboro, take Rt 30 North past the Retreat, the Retreat Farm and Grafton Cheese. Pass under the I-91 bridge and The Brattleboro Professional Center is located on the right. There are three building on the lot. My office is in the middle building with the cupola, first floor on the right. Follow the signs for The Health Center.

Office Hours

Monday 10-2:30

Tuesday 1-6

Wednesday 10-2:30

Thursday 1-6


Libby Garofalo, CMT
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441 West River Road, 1S
Brattleboro, VT 05301